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by Sherene Rudhran on Sunday 14 April 2024

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Boxing, an ancient sport dating back millennia, holds a rich history across various cultures. Initially embraced as a premier form of entertainment combat, it continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Today, boxing stands as a celebrated avenue for physical fitness, firmly establishing its place as a beloved form of exercise.

Exercise meets empowerment

Boxing has risen in popularity because it’s a great way to move your body and can provide a new way of getting in some high intensity interval training (HIIT), with short bursts of explosive and powerful output combined with endurance and technical components.

Additionally, boxing offers individuals the opportunity to acquire a new skill, fostering qualities like discipline, focus, and perseverance. Its appeal as a workout option extends beyond physical benefits, with mental health improvements playing a significant role. Serving as a means of release, empowerment, and personal growth, boxing also equips us with self-defence skills.

Boxing at Virgin Active

Virgin Active proudly offers a premium Boxing experience tailored to all members. Simply join your class and prepare to immerse yourself for 45 minutes and leave the world behind.

Each member receives an individual bag with ozone-cleaned leather gloves. Energising music keeps your momentum high as you embrace the dimly lit room, creating a space where it's just you and the bag.

Our entire Boxing program is designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring the ultimate combat workout experience.

New class: Boxing Foundations

Boxing Foundations is the newest product to land at Virgin Active. The class is developed to improve your skills by focusing on the fundamentals of Boxing. Boxing Foundations is catered for both entry level members who have never put on a pair of gloves before and seasoned veterans who want to refine and focus on the technical aspects within the art of Boxing. 

What to expect

The aim in a Boxing Foundations class is to take both our novice and experienced boxers to the next level by stripping back to the basics and focusing on the finer details.

In a slower paced, educational format, you will develop the skills and techniques essential to get moving and boxing at a higher standard. 

Expect to develop your skills in:

  • Footwork
  • Weight placement
  • Hip rotation
  • How to land the perfect punch

Class format

Within 45 minutes, the class format is structured between combination rounds and technical drills. 

Combination rounds:

  • 3-punch sequence
  • 4-punch sequence
  • 5-punch sequence

Technical drills:

  • Footwork - both on and off the bag
  • Reloading weight placement
  • Head and trunk movement
  • Isometric holds - for an additional push in the workout

Boxing vs. Boxing Foundations

Our regular Boxing classes are faster paced, with a focus on higher energy output from more intermediate / advanced combination rounds and conditioning blocks.

It applies traditional combat techniques such as:

  • Slipping
  • Weaving
  • Blocking
  • Pivoting

Boxing offers a great blend of technical aspects of boxing techniques and explosive body weight movements. All while conditioning your body through a high intensity workout aimed at improving strength and endurance.

Which class is best for me?

If you are unsure on which class is best for you, I suggest starting with Boxing Foundations. You will learn in a slower-paced environment where you can focus on your technique. And don't think because this is slower-paced that you won't leave sweating! This class gives you the complete freedom to do things at your own pace.

If you're looking to get that heart rate up, I suggest a Boxing class. Expect intervals dedicated to drill-based HIIT movements and linking punches for better flowing combinations.  

How to improve?

As with all sports, boxing requires repetition and dedication to expect any improvements to your skill levels. As a Boxing Coach, I’ve seen many members who stay consistent in their boxing development and get better and better over time.

At Virgin Active, you’ll benefit from our dedicated boxing instructors. Their extensive skills and experience ensures you’ll get a great workout, as they can tailor each class to varying skills levels.

We've got you.

It's just you and the bag

Over the years, I've witnessed members undergo significant growth, not just in their skills, but also in their confidence - all thanks to their commitment and dedication to their boxing journey.

Unleash your inner fighter with a free trial pass or if you are already a member, book your Boxing class today. Your bag awaits.

About the author 

Sherene Rudhran is a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active Pitt Street, bringing expertise in 1:1 coaching, Boxing, and Grid Training (HIIT) classes.

With a background spanning six years in boxing, her specialties also includes strength training, body composition, nutrition, and personalised boxing sessions, including pad work.

Sherene's primary goal is to establish a safe and supportive environment within her classes, fostering improved relationships between clients and their bodies. She is dedicated to empowering individuals through training and promoting healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits.

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