The new era of wellness

by Laura Kowski on Wednesday 09 November 2022

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Wellness encompasses not only physical health but also mental health and emotional wellbeing.

It’s also affected by almost every aspect of our lives. From the technology we use, to the food we eat, our sleeping habits, working worlds, fitness and more, these are some of the trends and tools we’re seeing adopted as we embrace this new era of wellness.

Wellness in tech

With the adoption of smart watches, fitness trackers, and other health apps that help us stay on top of our health goals, wellness has well and truly established its presence in tech. Besides prompting us to stay active throughout the day, take regular breaks, and move more in general, these tools can also help us track our sleep and recovery, and maintain more healthy habits.

Newer smart devices are really living up to their name, as we’re seeing health problems such as heart conditions being picked up by the technology before users are even aware they’re at risk. But it’s not all about getting physical. There are also a growing number of apps that assist with managing issues such as anxiety and stress, and even accessing therapy, making improving our mental health more accessible than ever.

Wellness after dark

While we may chase active goals during the day, getting adequate rest is just as important. Although many high-profile figures claim to get by on only a few hours sleep per night, the harmful consequences of inadequate sleep have been well documented. So how can we get more of it?

Besides stating the obvious “go to bed earlier”, it’s generally recommended to:

If you have trouble getting to sleep once you turn the lights out, try listening to bedtime podcasts, or following a guided meditation.

Wellness in the workplace

Many companies, now also realising how the wellbeing of employees directly impacts their productivity, have introduced gym partnerships and fitness activities into their workplaces – some even have their own gyms!

Not all of us have this luxury, but there are still a few things you can do to boost your wellbeing in the office.

  • ask a colleague to come for a lunchtime walk
  • enjoy some fresh air during your shorter breaks
  • go for a morning walk if you’re working from home
  • if the weather calls for it, set up your workspace outside, or
  • take your lunch break in the park

Wellness in our pantries

From oat milk making it mainstream, to gluten-free options that no longer make the celiac in your friendship group despair, it’s great to see the food industry catering to everyone’s needs. And while we’re constantly looking for the next best thing in supplements, diet products, or so-called superfoods, there’s an increasing movement towards taking us back to basics, shopping local, natural, wholefoods, and everything in moderation.

One trend that’s taking off as part of this, is the non-alcoholic beverage movement. Australians were recently dubbed the world’s heaviest drinkers, so it’s good timing that more non-alcoholic alternatives have been gracing our supermarket shelves. Although alcohol can be part of a well-balanced lifestyle, easing up on our intake wouldn’t hurt every now and then.

Wellness online

The world of online workouts was well and truly revolutionised during the Covid-19 pandemic. With at-home gym equipment sales soaring to new heights, many took workout sessions into their own hands, with the help of online training videos. If you’re looking to try something new, check out our online workouts on Virgin Active On Demand. You’ll get access to free weekly workouts with your Virgin Active membership. But don’t sweat, if you’re not a member with us yet, you can trial these online sessions free!

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