Meaningful gift giving guide

by Laura Kowski on Tuesday 06 December 2022

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As the end-of-year holiday period gets closer, it’s a much needed chance to relax and destress as the year winds down. Or, so we’d like to think. Unfortunately for many, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year, especially financially. Throw a couple of family or friends' birthdays into the mix too, and you might find yourself well and truly blowing out your budget to meet everyone’s gift needs.

Looking for some inspiration that won’t make your bank account wince? Here are some ideas for more meaningful gifts you can give this season without breaking the bank.

Give the gift of experience

Gifts don’t always have to come packaged in fancy wrapping and a bow. For some, receiving an experience rather than the latest tech or trending clothes can actually provide more satisfaction.

From skydiving to winery tours, horseback riding to a relaxing spa day, there’s an experience out there for everyone on your list. But you don’t have to buy a pre-packaged experience from a gifting site. Instead, why not try your own take, and organise a picnic or day out for your loved one that you can make uniquely theirs? For someone who values quality time spent with family, friends, or their partner, a planned day out – or in – might just be the perfect gift.

Give the gift of creativity

Nothing says you’ve put thought and care into a gift than making all or part of it yourself. But for some, DIY can be daunting. If DIY-ing your Xmas gifts is your thing, go for it! Otherwise, you can still pass on the creative bug to your recipient in the form of art lessons, a painting session, or even arty supplies for the creative soul in your circle.

Make it personal

Unique, personalised gifts will be remembered and treasured for years to come. From getting initials printed or engraved on a gift, to creating a scrapbook of your photos and experiences together, the limit only depends on how creative you want to be.

There are many places you can print photos and create calendars, magnets, booklets, or other personalised gifts affordably. With a bit of planning, these gifts can leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

For a more feel-good factor, consider purchasing your gifts from a brand with a worthwhile mission or donating to a charity that’s special to your loved one.

Give the gift of health

For those in your life who are health conscious, gifts that will help them achieve their health goals will be appreciated. You’ll also be giving the gift of wellbeing. If you’re looking for ways to save, you could organise a day hiking somewhere special, or even create an at-home spa experience.

If you do want to splash some cash, you could also give gifts that promote an active lifestyle, such as:

  • gym or hiking gear
  • healthy protein snacks
  • a yoga mat or yoga socks
  • personal training sessions with an expert.

If someone you know would enjoy getting the gift of wellbeing this holiday season, we can help. Our team of expert Personal Trainers are on hand to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

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