How to improve your work-life balance

by Myles Birch on Sunday 07 May 2023

3 min read

Want to strike a better balance between hard work and time off? Good news! There are plenty of practical things you can do to achieve exactly that. Whether you’re stressed, lacking motivation or feeling burnt out, we can help put the wind back in your sails.

Discover our six secrets below and you can’t go wrong. 

1. Set crystal clear boundaries

Boundaries are vital when it comes to creating healthy routines. This is especially true if you work from home and your laptop is forever nearby. That’s why you need to be disciplined in powering down each day. By doing so, you’ll enjoy your personal time more, and feel better about the week ahead.

Tip: If you’re working from home, try to establish a part of your house that’s your dedicated work area. And make sure work stays in this area i.e. you don’t bring your laptop to the couch for a few quick emails after dinner.

2. Recharge your batteries by switching off

Nothing beats a well-earned break. So be sure to step away from the grind to recharge your batteries when possible.

The secret to success here is to plan ahead. Don’t wait until you’re burned out to take a sick day. Get out your calendar and block out a day each month or two. That way you’ve got something to look forward to and strive towards.

Psst: Did you know you can maximise your annual leave with the help of a few tricks? Take advantage to make the most of your holidays! 

3. Get physical, and mindful too

Movement. Getting active is key to great physical and mental health. That’s why you should make time to exercise every day. Not sure where to get started? Go for a walk around the block in the morning. Or plan a gym session for after hours. Remember, you don’t have to move mountains. Start simple and build from there.

Quick tip: Turn your attention inwards as well. Practice meditation before a big meeting, or do breathing exercises throughout the day if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Round everything off with a healthy diet. Try these high-protein breakfast recipes for some pointers!

4. Learn to delegate (and get comfy doing so)

Everyone likes to be in the driver’s seat. But sometimes it’s helpful to give up control. (Especially if you’re feeling stressed.) Be sure to delegate responsibility when you need a breather. And do your best to relax into the experience of allowing other people to lend a hand.

5. Celebrate your wins

Work can be tough. And when you feel under the pump, things can quickly spiral out of control. You can alleviate pressure by celebrating your wins. The next time you get great customer feedback, or a pat on the back from your boss, celebrate! You might go out for dinner, or get a massage – the possibilities are endless. This personal, positive reinforcement will lift your mood and leave you feeling like a million bucks.

6. Consider flexible working arrangements

Switching to a flexible schedule can go a long way towards making you feel better. And you’ll be glad to know that putting a plan in place is easy. Chat to your boss about the issues you’re facing and solutions that could help. You might like to work from home one or two days per week. Or maybe clocking on earlier and finishing later is the winning recipe. 

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