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Building your legs and glutes can seem like an overwhelming task with a lot of on-trend and flashy movements populating our social-media radar. Let's make it easier and stick to the fundamentals.

1.     3 x 15 goblet squats - paused

2.     3 x 12 dumbbell hip thrust - back elevated - 2 count pause

3.     3 x 12 dumbbell Romanian deadlifts - 3 count tempo when lowering

4.     3 x 10 (each side) rear foot elevated lunges/Bulgarian split squats

5.     3 x 15sec (each side) isometric hamstring hold- heel elevated

6.     3 x 12 back extension with glute focus - 2 count pause

Exercise breakdown 

Goblet squat


· Keep your midsection shape neutral. Avoid extending your back (flaring ribs, sticking bum out) by thinking of 'bringing your ribs down to your belly button.' 

· Aim to be balanced through the middle of your feet. Bring your weight forward to make sure you’re feeling it in your toes, not just your heels.

· Start the movements by moving your knees and hips at the same time.

Dumbbell hip thrust


· Set your ankles right underneath your knees so they create a 90 degree angle at the top of the movement.

· Keep your chin tucked and looking at your knees throughout the entire movement.

· Make sure your torso comes down with your hips to face the space in front of you. Your entire body should be moving in the same direction.  

Romanian deadlifts


· Keep knees soft and slightly bent, you want to try not to lock them.

· Make sure the dumbbells are always touching your legs as you move through the movement.

· Move your torso to face the ground as the hips go back to touch the wall behind you.

· Once your hips stop moving backwards, your arms/torso should stop moving downwards.

Rear foot elevated lunges/bulgarian split squats


· Set up your front leg at a distance that is comfortable for a full range of movement.

· Keep front knee soft and don’t over-lock it at start or end of rep.

· Let the torso lean forward towards the knee as you come down.

· Don’t be afraid of your knee going over your toes and pick a point on the floor in front of you to look at throughout.

Iso-metric hamstring holds


· Set yourself up so that your hips, knees and feet create a 90 degree angle.

· Dig your working heel into the bench, toes facing up to the roof.

· Keep glutes engaged and hips high as possible throughout the hold.

Back extensions with a glute focus


· The weight should be supported by the machine at the back of the calves and just below the groin.

· Imagine you’re giving yourself a big hug and round your upper back around the plate you’re holding.

· Control your drop all the way down, squeezing with your glutes to finish.

· Finish short, don't let your upper back rise higher than the top of your glutes.

Keep consistent to build your strength

Try these exercises over a 4-6 week period and see your leg strength increase. When being consistent, you can then add additional weight and see your progress blossom. Be sure to reach out to our amazing Personal Trainers who are qualified to assist you finding your best technique for optimal execution for each exercise. 

This article was written by Steph Lara, a Virgin Active Coach from Bondi Junction. Steph’s key focus is strength, conditioning and powerlifting. You can learn more about Steph and her knowledge about all things fitness on her Instagram account - @stephlara_

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