A PT's self-care day

by Demi Bogg on Monday 14 March 2022

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The great thing about self-care is that it doesn’t have to be too complicated and can be practised every day. By simply choosing to complete a few small things for yourself each day and layering them up overtime, you can easily transform your mood and energy levels from the inside out.

Self-care is so important when working in the field of health and fitness, everyone deserves a little or maybe a lot of ‘Me-Time’. Over the last 5 years, working as a level 3 personal trainer and group exercise instructor at Virgin Active Northern Beaches, I have learnt that you need to fill up your cup first before you can give back the quality of service in which clients and members at Virgin Active deserve. By completing my self-care routine throughout the day (which is now a habit), I allowed myself to improve my well-being, preserve my health, and maintain my physical and emotional stability.

A good morning routine sets the tone for the day

Some of my non-negotiable habits include:

  • 5 minutes of breath work to slowly wake up and set my intention for the day
  • Cleansing my face, brushing my teeth and a quick skin care routine 
  • A big glass of water/greens powder as I’m making my on-the-go balanced breakfast full of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

Like many, some days can be non-stop when getting into work, so I rely on meal prepping my meals and scheduling in time for movement to refuel and strengthen my body.

Set yourself up in the evening

This is where the magic happens for me and I believe setting yourself up in the evening makes the following morning smooth sailing and stress free, such as:

  • Taking time to cook dinner and slow down by watching a show. 
  • Prepping the following day’s meals and packing my gym bag/uniform/gym clothes 
  • Have a warm and nourishing shower then I aim to be in bed 30 mins prior to lights out. 

During the evening, I either journal, mediate or read to unwind. Although this routine and self-care habits might seem like a lot for some, it has taken a lot of time and dedication to myself to create. Remember, you don’t need to do all at once, slowly layering up one thing to do for yourself after another over time is a great way to start. Self-care is forever a work in progress and can easily be the first thing to slip when life gets busy.

Where to start?

Brainstorm the self-care habits that you enjoy doing and think would improve your quality of lifestyle and health. From there, pick your top 4-5 and over a period of 5 weeks focus on one new habit a week, layering them up overtime. This allows the habit to form and your brain chemistry to change. By staying consistent and breaking up some big goals into smaller ones allows you to feel like you have achieved something without feeling too overwhelmed.

Another ‘self-care’ strategy is scheduling in ‘Me-time’ once a week, like booking yourself in for an appointment! I personally call this ‘Dem Time’. In this scheduled time, I always ask myself “what will fill up your cup right now?”. This will always be different depending on how I feel, but if I had to pick 5 it would be:

  • Movement 
  • A cup of tea 
  • A sweet treat 
  • Family/friend time 
  • A coastal walk or mediation/a nap 

There is something really empowering about committing and listening to what your mind and body really needs in the moment. Challenge yourself! Give one of the above strategies a go and see what happens.

Trainer Bio

With a background in sport/dancing and qualifications in Pilates, pre and post-natal, rehabilitation and mental health first aid, Demi Bogg is passionate about movement quality, efficient technique and moving in a variety of ways that get you excited to move over and over again. 

Self-care comes in many forms, including exercise and at Virgin Active we have much for you to choose from to help release the tension in your mind and body. Come find your fit today and start focusing on you. Talk to us today and learn how we can support you with fitness and wellbeing solutions that work for you!

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