8 tips for a healthier Easter

by Alasdair McClintock on Monday 11 April 2022

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The Easter long weekend is a great time to catch up with family and friends, let our hair down and take a breath after a frantic start to the year.

Four days off in a row doesn’t happen too often, so when it does it can be easy to get carried away. Next thing you know, it’s Tuesday morning, you’ve overdone it and you feel like you need another few days just to recover. 

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are eight simple tips to help you stay healthy and happy this Easter:

Avoid the egg-xtras

Those little chocolate eggs that pop up everywhere this time of year can be hard to resist. Their bite-sized packaging tricks us into thinking they’re harmless, but soon one egg leads into three or four and by the end of the weekend you could be pushing triple figures! Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but … is it? Try and avoid these little devils completely, if you can.

Embrace the dark

Delicious and full of antioxidants, dark chocolate is the healthier alternative to its milky counterpart. So, buck the trend this year and choose eggs with a higher percentage of cocoa. It can be an acquired taste, but after a while you may even find you prefer it.  

Be organised

Four days off means a lot of meals and a lot of time for snacking in between. If you stock up the fridge beforehand (remember most supermarkets are closed on Good Friday) and have a vague meal-plan, you’ll minimise the likelihood of reaching for that delivery app to order something unhealthy.  


When we slip into holiday mode, exercise can often be overlooked. Go for a run or take advantage of a quieter gym floor. Ever felt too nervous to try out that new machine while everyone’s around? A deserted Easter Sunday morning could be just the time to give it a whirl! 

Treat yourself

You can’t completely deny yourself the whole weekend, so think of a few things you really enjoy and plan when you’re going to have them. With those little beacons of deliciousness to look forward to, it will be easier to make a few sacrifices and eat healthier in between. 

Ban the booze

You don’t have to go completely cold turkey, but avoiding any big nights out will do wonders for how you feel come Tuesday morning. Not only because of the damage alcohol does to your body, but if you drink too much, you’re more likely to eat poorly the next day and your motivation will suffer accordingly. 

Retreat and rejuvenate

Maybe the best thing you can do this Easter is nothing. Turn your phone off and unwind. Practise yoga, read a good book and catch up on the latest TV series everyone’s been talking about. Even better, why not use the money you would have spent socialising to book into an all-day spa?  

Family fun

Catching up with family? Get active! Take your parents for a long walk or get the entire family to join in an On-Demand workout in the backyard or on the beach - plus, getting the blood flowing is a great way to get conversation flowing too. 

Continue your healthy habits

If you’d like to chat more about nutrition and eating healthy, talk to our Personal Trainers today. They can help get you on the right path and continue your efforts to make healthy living a lifestyle.

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