10 ways to make clean eating easy

by Kauai Cafe Team on Sunday 09 June 2024

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Clean eating made easy: a step-by-step guide

Clean eating isn't just a passing trend; it's a conscious choice towards a healthier lifestyle and it’s one of the nutrition philosophies Kauai at Virgin Active Norwest is built on. It's about prioritising wholesome, nutrient-rich foods while reducing the intake of heavily processed ingredients.

But what exactly does clean eating entail, and can you make it a seamless part of your daily routine? Let's break it down with 10 easy steps.

1. Load up on veggies and fruit

The power of nature's bounty is evident in the colourful array of vegetables and fruits. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, incorporating nutrient-rich fruit and veg into your diet is key. Whether you're adding veggies to your salads, wraps, or bowls, or enjoying fruits in refreshing smoothies, you'll find ample options to fuel your day. You’ll notice that almost every single menu item at Kauai has fruits and veggies in it so they’ll make ticking this box super healthy.

2. Embrace whole foods

Opting for minimally processed whole foods is a cornerstone of clean eating. Everything at Kauai is made fresh in store and often from scratch. Kauai prioritises wholesome ingredients like steel-cut oats and stoneground flours, some of our sauces and dressings are made in-store, ensuring that you’re fuelling your body with food made from whole ingredients.

3. Limit refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates have little to offer in terms of nutrition. That's why at Kauai, we use mostly whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, providing a healthier source of carbohydrates to support your overall health and well-being.

4. Limit ultra-processed foods

When it comes to clean eating, ultra-processed foods are best avoided. These items often contain artificial additives, added refined sugars, and unhealthy fats, which can undermine your health goals. Kauai aligns with this philosophy by ensuring the menu remains free from any unnecessary additives. By prioritising transparency and wholesome, natural ingredients in all their dishes, Kauai sets the standard. Plus, it's important to try remember that everything you eat, not just at Kauai, should ideally come with detailed nutritional information provided, empowering you to make informed choices about your diet.

Want to learn more about the difference between unhealthy vs healthy fats? Read our blog '7 healthy fats you should eat more of'.

5. Cut down on added sugar

Added sugars can hide in many packaged and processed foods that can have a list of negative effects on your health. Kauai offers options like smoothies and snacks with minimal added sugars, allowing you to indulge in delicious treats without compromising your clean eating goals. All smoothies at Kauai contain natural sweeteners such as honey, dates, and banana, ensuring you enjoy something sweet without the added refined sugars.

6. Choose beverages wisely

When it comes to clean eating, beverage choices are crucial because they fizzy and energy drinks often come with hidden ingredients. Even seemingly healthy fruit juices also contain preservatives and added sugars that you’re better of avoiding. Say goodbye to sugary drinks and hello to refreshing, nutritious beverages at Kauai. Sip on their selection of raw juices made with whole fruits and vegetables, not only are they thirst quenching they are also packed with micro-nutrients.

7. Indulge occasionally

Clean eating doesn’t need to be about deprivation; it's about finding balance. Understanding the importance of enjoying favourite treats in moderation, Kauai ensures the menu is designed to offer delicious options that satisfy cravings while aligning with your clean eating goals. Whether it's hearty soups, flavourful burgers, or satisfying burritos, the menu features a variety of indulgent yet healthy options to complement your everyday lifestyle.

8. Shop smart

When you’re doing your weekly shop, focus on fresh produce and whole foods found around the perimeter of the grocery store. While navigating the aisles, choose minimally processed items.

It can sometimes be hard to shop fresh while considering your budget. Be sure to look for foods that are in season or on sale. Tap into your inner-chef and plan ahead so you have the option to prep meals that you can freeze for later.

9. Read labels

Understanding ingredient lists is essential for making informed food choices. Depending on your diet necessities, focus on the ingredient list first. Most package food will show the percentage of each ingredient. For example, when purchasing peanut butter, it could be created with 60% peanuts, or 90%.

If you are calorie conscious, take the time to understand how many calories are in each serving. Once you start understanding your food choices and their calorie quantity, you will feel more equiped with your meals and serving sizes. From here, you can begin to dig deeper into the nutritional values and be sure you are hitting your daily protein intake - especially for us gym-goers.

Kauai provides complete transparency on every menu item, allowing access to detailed information about ingredients and nutritional values, so you can be sure that it fits into your diet requirements. 

10. Preparation is key

Stay on track with clean eating by keeping the kitchen stocked with healthy staples. Try to keep canned beans, frozen veg, and whole grains on hand for quick and nutritious meals to ensure a successful clean eating journey. And remember - eating well makes you feel good. Need inspo? Here are 5 healthy foods that will boost your mood.

Remember, clean eating is not about perfection but making sustainable, healthy choices. Focus on progress and embrace small changes that can be maintained long-term. By prioritising whole foods and minimising processed items, you can nourish your body and cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to drop by Kauai at Virgin Active Norwest after your next workout to treat your body to good, delicious, and nutritious food.

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