10 tips to spring clean your workout

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It’s often said ‘variety is the spice of life’, and when it comes to your exercise routine, this rings true. You may like your regular workout, but if you’ve been following the same patterns for too long, it’s likely the benefits you’re receiving from all your efforts have significantly decreased.

These 10 tips will help spring-clean your fitness routine and keep you motivated.

1. Experiment

If the thought of running on a treadmill for an hour is your idea of hell, here’s a crazy thought – choose an exercise you actually enjoy doing! This way you’re more likely to exercise regularly. The mistake a lot of us make is seeing exercise as a chore. If you’re doing something you enjoy, it’ll become something to look forward to. Try something that combines fun and fitness, like indoor rock climbing, or moving to the beat of the music in a cycle class.

2. Mix up your intervals

While spring-cleaning your workout routine can mean trying out new activities, you don’t have to throw everything you've been doing out the window. Instead, give a few new intervals a try. Switch up the cardio equipment, try using a ski-erg instead of a rower. Or simply add new exercises in between your sets. We don't want to suggest burpees, but it is on the table. Perhaps try a Yoga class once a week to focus on your core and balance.

3. Hire a personal trainer

It’s easy to fall into the trap of sticking within your comfort zone and doing the same exercises that you know. With the help of a personal trainer, you can learn new and challenging exercises you’ve never tried before so you can put these into practice next time you’re exercising on your own. It’s also harder to make last minute cancellations when you know you’ve got someone waiting for you.

4. Bring a buddy

A workout buddy is a quick way to inject enthusiasm and accountability into your workout routines. They may have some technique pointers or exercises they love to do that you’ve never tried before. A buddy can be a great spotter for your lifts, or your emotional support to get you through the high heart rates. Plus, you’ll kill two birds with one stone – catch up on all the latest goss, and work on your fitness at the same time!

5. Switch up the style and duration

There are several benefits to mixing up the style, frequency, intensity, and duration. For one week, go for two to three longer workouts, like a 60-minute cycle or swim. The next, opt for short, intense sessions such as a 45-minute Grid Training or Boxing class. The next, do something in between, like Yoga or Reformer Pilates. This will prevent your workouts from becoming too predicable, and will constantly challenge your body in different ways.

6. Change the time

Always exercise in the afternoon? Get up with the early-birds this week and be amazed at all you can accomplish before your first cup of coffee. Alternatively, for morning workout virtuosos, see how effective a post-work session at the gym can be for releasing stress that has built up over the day. Getting creative with your schedule will keep your workouts feeling fresh.

7. Practice powerlifting

Powerlifting strengthens the muscles of your legs, back and upper body. Nearly every skeletal muscle is strengthened with a powerlifting routine. The squat works the muscles of your legs, hips and butt; the deadlift strengthens your back and legs; and the bench press strengthens most of the muscles of your upper body. It is a great foundational workout that teaches individual muscles to act in concert with one another, which will then support all forms of your chosen exercises. 

8. Enter a race

You may enjoy running, swimming or biking on your own, but if your interest is waning, why not put all of that training into good use and enter a race? You’ll uncover a whole new level of motivation when you know your morning workout is preparing you for that 10km fun run, or half marathon. Give yourself a challenge and you'll be surprised how well you do.

9. Enjoy the great outdoors

Exercising outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery at the same time. While it might be tempting to stay in your local area, why not go for an adventure and visit a beach or nature trail you’ve never been to before? Walking on the sand or a hilly trail are both great ways to strengthen your core and improve your cardio fitness. Plus, vitamin D, nicknamed the 'sunshine vitamin', has profound health benefits, including building and maintaining healthy bones

10. Reward yourself

If you know you’re going to get a reward after all your hard work, then it can help to give you the extra motivation you need to cycle for a few more minutes of cycle or add on a heavier weight. Spoil yourself with a relaxing spa day or relax by sweating it out in the sauna. 

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