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Sydney Yoga


What yoga classes does Virgin Active offer in Sydney?

The Sydney yoga studios located at Virgin Active gyms are purpose-built mind-body sanctuaries for a range of yoga styles including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. Whilst each practice improves both body and mind wellness, and the 45 to 90 minutes classes are suitable for all skill levels, they each offer slightly different benefits. 
Categorised for simplicity as Yoga Flow, Yoga Align and Yoga Calm, you can learn how to use the breath, the mind and the body in unison to increase your mental and physical flexibility, strength and range of movement.

Yoga Flow is a purposeful and dynamic practice linking a creative progression of poses to build strength and tone, and increase your range of movement and your mobility. Yoga flow is like a breath of fresh air for your body whilst your mind finds a sense of stillness through focus and discipline.  

Yoga Align brings balance to your life through a series of foundational yoga poses. With a focus on alignment, you will straighten, strengthen and refine your body and mind. In these nurturing Yoga Align classes you will explore all poses, seated and standing. 

Yoga Calm is a floor-based practice creating meditative stillness as you connect with the breath. Long-hold poses stretch, relax, restore and refresh your body, mind and soul. A feeling of complete relaxation, affectionately referred to as a yoga coma, is a common after-effect of this calming, soul-enriching and beneficial practice. 

What are the best yoga classes for beginners?

The Yoga Align classes are ideal for beginners who would like an introduction to simple yoga poses with a focus on alignment queues, and will help develop the flexibility and core stability used in this holistic discipline. Beginners will learn Sanskrit names for poses and develop the mind-body-breath connection as they increase balance, flexibility and strength. The mental focus required has a meditative effect which can take time to master, but is highly beneficial for better health and happiness.  

As the principles of yoga are non-competitive and encourage one to work within one’s own limits, the Yoga Flow classes are also suited to all levels, but a beginner may find the intensity of Yoga Flow challenging without some foundational Yoga Align classes under their belt. 

What are the best yoga classes for experienced yogis?

Yoga Flow classes challenge your mental and physical flexibility and balance with dynamic pose sequences and creative vinyasas supported by prana, or breath. These meaningful classes run with  purposefulness through a range of standing and seated intermeditate to advanced poses. Experienced yogis will love the Hot Vinyasa, Power Yoga and Hot Hatha classes. 

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

If you want a practice which leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, restored and improved health and vitality, yoga is for you. It challenges the mind and encourages you to seek a place of stillness through mental focus. The body is challenged as it commits to a series of movements which require strength, control, flexibility and focussed application. Yoga is a transformative journey which both calms and energises mind and body through movement, stretching and breathing. 

 Sydney Yoga

What yoga equipment is provided at Sydney gyms?

The yoga classes Sydney people love are held at Virgin Active gyms where the complimentary Manduka mats and props are provided to aid your practice. Blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps are all provided to support you in any way you need.

Where are Virgin Active gyms located in Sydney?

There are a several Sydney yoga studios in Virgin Active gyms with new locations popping up often. If you’re asking ‘where to find a Virgin Active gym near me’, then you already know these fitness clubs are redefining the way you think of a gym, offering incredible exercise experiences in convenient locations throughout Sydney. Be inspired and excited to improve your health and happiness in our world-class facilities with an amazing variety of exercise experiences on offer every week.  

Yoga classes in Sydney Virgin Active gyms are available in a selection of our fitness clubs located in Margaret Street (Wynyard), Bligh Street, Norwest, Pitt Street, Frenchs Forest and Moore Park with new locations opening regularly such as Bondi Junction and St Leonards.  

How many yoga classes are there at Virgin Active gyms weekly?

Each week there are dozens of yoga classes Sydney yogis love, held at a selection of our Virgin Active gyms. If you’re looking for a Sydney yoga studio with a large range of Flow, Align and Calm practices available seven days a week from early morning, through the day and including the evening, then yoga in Sydney Virgin Active gyms is for you.

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