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Virgin Active Sydney Pilates

What pilates classes does Virgin Active offer in Sydney?

The pilates classes Sydney Virgin Active gyms offer in state-of-the-art studios are designed to explore precise movement based on the principles of the pilates practice, further developed by the use of the Reformer bed.  

The Reformer Pilates Intro class is the place to start your journey to increased vitality, mental clarity, physical strength and optimal movement. While it’s designed for beginners, the class is also suitable for all levels and experience. You will learn how to work out using the Reformer bed and the principles of pilates – all introduced at a slower pace in the supportive environment of the Intro class. 

Be challenged in a more dynamic way during mid-level Reformer Pilates class. Continue building the skills you’ve mastered in three to five Intro classes before tackling the next level. These workouts vary in their intensity, offering new challenges to inspire and enthuse you while building your mental focus, strength, endurance and mobility. 

Reformer Pilates Athletic is a fast-paced, powerful class where maximum effort will work up a sweat. Striving for greater physical achievement, control and accomplishment which will sculpt and transform your body, you need considerable experience based on at least 20 Reformer Pilates classes before stepping up the intensity in an Athletic class. 

What are the benefits of pilates?

The pilates classes that Virgin Active Sydney gyms offer build physical strength and mobility while improving mental clarity. It’s like a progressive workout for both body and mind. As well as working wonders on your core strength, pilates classes will help to increase self-confidence and both mental and physical endurance.  

Because Reformer Pilates is a lowimpact workout, it is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, strength and flexibility. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy though. It is a physically strenuous but safe and effective way of developing not just core strength and flexibility, but total body awareness and focus. 

Is pilates a good workout?

Pilates is a low-impact, whole body workout which tightens, tones and sculpts your body while stabilising your core. Like yoga, it is a unique discipline which works both the body and the mind. A creative Reformer Pilates class takes the total experience one step further.

Traditionally pilates is performed on a mat, but at Virgin Active the Reformer Pilates beds add another dimension to the traditional form. Just two or three Reformer Pilates sessions per week will insight exciting changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Watch this life-changing experience become a lifelong passion.

Can pilates transform your body?

Push the limits in a modern Reformer Pilates class to reach a new level of physical and mental fitness and you’ll love the results. The electric atmosphere in a Reformer Pilates class gets the endorphins pumping while you enjoy the gradual transformation to a sleek, strong body with amazing flexibility, muscle tone and perfect posture.

What are the best pilates classes for beginners?

At Virgin Active Sydney gyms the Reformer Pilates Intro class is designed for newbies but is also suitable for all levels. Learn how the Reformer Pilates bed and the exercises are designed to safely tone and strengthen your body. These fun classes range from 30 to 60 minutes duration and are delivered by supportive and encouraging instructors.

The beginners’ classes work through the exercises at a controlled pace. As a beginner all you need to bring to class is a can-do mindset and a pair of grip socks. 

Virgin Active gyms in Margaret Street (Wynyard), Bligh Street, Norwest, Pitt Street, Frenchs Forest, Moore Park and new locations hold several Reformer Pilates classes daily, so when you’re ready to progress from the beginner status, there are new challenges ahead on the Reformer bed.

Where are Virgin Active gyms located in Sydney?

There are a number of Virgin Active gyms throughout Sydney doing the exercise thing just a little bit differently. The world-class facilities and huge variety of inspiring, fun and challenging classes every week will keep you motivated, excited and aiming to achieve great things in several city locations. 

You can find Virgin Active’s state of the art facilities at Barangaroo, Margaret Street (Wynyard), Bligh Street, Norwest, Pitt Street, Frenchs Forest and Moore Park with new gyms opening in Bondi Junction and St Leonards. To see a full and up-to-date list of inspiring classes using world-class equipment, the timetables, opening hours, locations and membership information for each Virgin Active club, simply follow this link and click on the venue most convenient to your location. 

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