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Melbourne Yoga

What yoga classes does Virgin Active offer in Melbourne?

Melbourne yoga studios within Virgin Active gyms are beautiful, purpose-built spaces providing a range of practices including Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. Ranging from 45 to 75 minutes duration, each practice brings a host of mind-body benefits suitable for all skill levels from beginners to advanced yogis. 

Virgin Active yoga classes Melbourne locals enjoy are classified into three types for simplicity: Yoga Flow, Yoga Align and Yoga Calm. In all our classes you will continue to develop the breath in connection to the mind and body in a series of creative sequences, improving your flexibility, state of mind, physical and mental strength and range of movement. 

Yoga practices to develop strength include Vinyasa and Hot Vinyasa Yoga Flow classes. Embracing a series of dynamic, balancing poses improves balance, tone and strength while your focussed mind lets go of the stresses in your life allowing a sense of stillness.

Yoga Align classes include Gentle Yoga, Hot Hatha and Hatha Yoga. In this class suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis, you will explore seated and standing asanas with a focus on alignment queues in each pose. As you move through a range of precise yoga poses, your body is strengthened and refined while your soul is nurtured.  

Yoga Calm classes include Restorative and Yin styles. It is a truly restorative, meditative and rejuvenating floor-based practice. Yin classes involve stretching the connective tissues to open the meridians and allow qi to flow freely throughout the body. Surrender to this soothing, soul-enriching practice and allow your stress to melt away. 

What are the best yoga classes for beginners?

The Yoga Align classes are ideal for beginners who would like an introduction to simple yoga poses with a focus on alignment queues, and will help develop the flexibility and core stability used in this holistic discipline. Beginners will learn Sanskrit names for poses and develop the mind-body-breath connection as they increase balance, flexibility and strength. The mental focus required has a meditative effect which can take time to master, but is highly beneficial for better health and happiness.  

What are the best yoga classes for experienced yogis?

Yoga Melbourne yogis gratitate toward Hot Hatha Yoga and Hot Vinyasa yoga classes. A Yoga Flow class is well suited to experienced yogis because the sequences flow more quickly than in Yoga Calm and Align classes, with less time spent on alignment queues. Vinyasa classes challenge both your mental and physical discipline and flexibility as well as your balance and core strength. These dynamic pose sequences are supported through breathwork and include advanced standing and seated poses. 

Melbourne Yoga 

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

Yoga brings a whole host of benefits to mind, body and soul. This enriching and self-nurturing practice leaves you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed, able to tackle whatever life brings. Yoga helps you become more reflective and aware along with the benefits of becoming more mindful and mentally focussed.  

Your physical self is intensely challenged too, as it learns to use the breath to connect mind and body through a series of movements requiring mental application as well as physical strength, control and flexibility. Yoga is a transformative discipline of continued learning and development which is both energising and calming.

What yoga equipment is provided at Melbourne gyms?

The yoga classes Melbourne people are flocking to are held at Virgin Active gyms, where quality Manduka mats and a variety of props are used to aid your practice. Bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps are all designed to support your journey and help you to stretch, reach and flex your way to a healthier body and mind. 

Where are Virgin Active gyms located in Melbourne?

The Melbourne yoga studios located in Virgin Active gyms are currently found on Bourke Street and Collins Street. Ask anyone, ‘where is the best gym near me’ and they’ll suggest the convenient city locations of Virgin Active Bourke Street and Collins Street.  
Easy to access if you work in the city or by public transport, these fitness clubs deliver all the yoga classes Melbourne people enjoy along with a huge variety of exercise experiences in the pool, gym or other exercise studios.

How many yoga classes are there at Virgin Active gyms weekly?

Every week day and weekend there are dozens of yoga classes in Melbourne Virgin Active fitness clubs. If you need a Melbourne yoga studio with a large selection of Flow, Align and Calm practices available to book seven days a week then Melbourne Virgin Active gyms are for you. Your membership also provides access to state-of-the-art facilities and world-class equipment in a range of group exercise studios, pools and gym floor spaces designed to host exercise experiences to suit everybody. 





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