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Virgin Active Melbourne Pilates

What pilates classes does Virgin Active offer in Melbourne?

How much fun can you have exercising on your back? Plenty, when it’s on a Reformer Pilates bed. The Pilates classes Melbourne Virgin Active gyms offer are exciting and both physically and mentally challenging. They offer a solid foundation upon which a lifelong passion for this discipline will be ignited in your core, along with an impressive set of abs.

Choose your level based on your previous Reformer Pilates experience:

The Reformer Pilates Intro class is where your adventure begins. In the Intro class the seeds are sown, most likely resulting in a lifelong passion for this exciting exercise experience which develops both body and mind. Discover greater vitality, increased mental clarity, vastly improved physical strength and freedom of movement. The beginners’ class is suitable for all levels and experience. Learn how the Reformer Pilates bed works as you embrace the philosophy of pilates at a gentle pace. 

When you have three to five Intro classes under your belt, you may like to go next-level in a mid-level Reformer Pilates class. The intensity is upped in this dynamic class where new challenges are presented to see you reach a whole new dimension of physical fitness and mental prowess.  

In the electric atmosphere of a Reformer Pilates Athletic class the pace is fast, the sweat is flowing and limits are pushed – and achieved. This creative and powerful class is the place for maximum effort and minimal rest. To reach these heights of success and a sculpted body to boot, you need to have completed at least 20 Reformer Pilates classes prior to achieving a whole new calibre of physical capability in a Reformer Pilates Athletic class. 

What are the benefits of the pilates classes Melbourne gyms offer?

Pilates classes Melbourne gyms provide are based on a set of principles which involve intelligent movement to build physical strength and mobility. As well as improving your core strength, pilates classes can have a powerful effect on your state of mind, helping to increase self-confidence and endurance. The form of pilates Melbourne Virgin Active gyms offer allows people to feel more empowered, invigorated and motivated by fun and challenging workouts on the Reformer bed.  

Pilates is a low-impact workout suitable for all, but it is also a physically intense, safe and effective way to increase your core strength, muscle tone and flexibility. The Reformer bed brings some creativity to the traditional pilates exercises and allows you to safely take the intensity up a notch.

Is pilates a good workout?

The new and exciting way to do pilates allows you to push yourself beyond the limits of traditional pilates, taking a good workout to a greater level. Reformer Pilates is modern, dynamic and transformative, creating a strong, tight, toned and sculpted body with a sound and stable core. Like yoga, pilates is a discipline which enhances both body and the mind. 

Can pilates transform your body?

Your body is transformed by dynamic movement and creative exercises supported by the spring-loaded resistance of the Reformer bed. Work out in an exciting environment which challenges and inspires your passion for achieving a whole new level of fitness. When the flame for Reformer Pilates is ignited and the exercises burn, the result is sculpted muscles, a strong core and back, along with flexible limbs and a can-do mindset.

What are the best pilates classes for beginners?

Newbies to pilates should sign up for the Reformer Pilates Intro classes as it introduces them to the workings of the spring-loaded Reformer Pilates bed along with the principles of pilates. The set of exercises in the Intro classes are designed to tone and strengthen the body at a slower pace as demonstrated by supportive and encouraging instructors.

All you need to bring to your Reformer Pilates Intro class is a determined mindset and a pair of grip socks. 

You can find the timetables for beginners pilates classes in Melbourne Virgin Active gyms on the links to the Bourke Street and Collins Street gyms.

Where are Virgin Active gyms located in Melbourne?

Virgin Active Melbourne gyms are centrally located so it is easy to take a Reformer Pilates class or any other class before, during or after work every day and on weekends.

If public transport is the easiest way for you to reach the Virgin Active Bourke Street gym you can alight at the Russell/Bourke Street tram stop across from the gym at 138 Bourke Street. A great way to warm up for your intended exercise class is by walking there or if you need to drive there is parking available directly opposite the club in the Southern Cross Car Park. 

The Collins Street club is also easy to find at 1/567 Collins Street. If you’re not walking you can take the tram to the Collins/King St tram stop or take the train to the nearby Southern Cross Station. 

Both gyms feature world-class, state-of-the-art facilities with inspirational staff, endless classes, pools and wet areas, sleep pods, climbing walls and fabulous exercise studios and gym zones to keep you excited and motivated during your journey to a happier, healthier body and mind.

Can you do pilates every day?

Pilates is a great exercise to do every day. Or once a week. Or as often as you can manage. There is no wrong amount of time to spend doing pilates. Every class - no matter the number - is doing good for your mind and body. Because the style of pilates Melbourne gyms teach is low impact and supported by the Reformer bed, it is safe to do as often as you like.

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