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At Virgin Active we offer a wide range of active recovery and relaxation spaces.


Breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, crawl or even doggie paddle. Do them all in our sparkling 25 metre heated indoor pool. A great all-round exercise or a refreshing way to end a workout. Come on in, the water’s lovely.


Make like a Swede. Get hot but not bothered in one of our squeaky clean saunas. Following a workout, there’s no better way to relax and ease away muscle aches.

Spa pools and sensation showers

Chillax in our heated spa or cool off in the sensation showers. Guaranteed to refresh and invigorate and great for winding down after a good workout. 

Sleep Pods

Get away from the noise and cocoon yourself in our zero gravity technology. Sleep pods recline for optimum napping, promote blood flow and reduce pressure on the lower back. Ambient sounds help you to drift off, while subtle vibration bring you oh-so-gently back to life. A welcome break for those who love a lunchtime nap or are recovering from a big night!

Cafe / Lounges

Our convenient, quick and easy nutrition station. We use the freshest and tastiest ingredients to make delicious and nutritious meals, shakes and coffee. They’re super tasty - just like you. Why not share a snack with a loved one or friend?

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