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Straighten out your life from head to toes

This is the foundational yoga style that we offer, encompassing both the basics and progressions with an emphasis on learning yoga and a focus on standing poses. Yoga Align is the Guru that will cut through the confusion of life to offer a balanced experience of foundational poses. Get your asana into a class and discover your breath as a weapon of mass concentration.

Why is it good for me?

With a focus on precision you will strengthen, straighten and refine your body and mind within each pose. Yoga Align teaches you how to get out of your head and into your body from the ground up. Be guided through the fundamentals of each pose and leave feeling centred, clear and determined. Yoga Align brings evenness to the vata dosha by lighting our inner fire

What will I do?

Yoga Align is the foundational yoga style that we offer, encompassing both the basics and progressions. Yoga Align includes an exploration of all the poses from seated to standing, upside down to the right way around. Discover a synthesis of your body and mind and meld both in the moment for the ultimate experience of balance

What should I bring?

Stiff body, determined mind, open heart. Yoga towel for heated classes

Offered at

Moore Park
Collins St
Bourke St
Northern Beaches
St Leonards
Pitt St
Bondi Junction

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