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Run Club


30-60 minutes

Calories Burnt

Up to 600

Skill Level

All levels welcome. We have two run coaches during this class, so everyone will be catered for

"Run, Forest Run!" Get ready to pound the pavement!

Enjoy a run outdoors with our fitness professionals. Meet at reception

Why is it good for me?

There is something about running that just feels right. Something eternal, like being a tough Greek from ancient times, that could run for days, without even getting exhausted. Running means beating the normal pace of the city, and very few things feels better than beating the bus in regards of getting from A to B. Improve your bone health, heart health and overall fitness, as well getting a lung full of fresh air!

What will I do?

Geared for all levels, speeds and running techniques. You will work on distance runs, technique, HIIT and more

What should I bring?

Just you and those running shoes. Sun protection like a hat, sunscreen and sunnies are an option as well. Meet at reception to meet your running coach and fellow members and you’re off!

Offered at

Frenchs Forest
Pitt St

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