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Grid Games



Calories Burnt


Skill Level

All levels welcome. But due to the competition nature of the Games, modifications will not be counted towards your score

You're tougher than you think. Now prove it to the world… and yourself!

Take your primal movements. Add music. Up the intensity. Mix it all together with a healthy dose of nail-biting competition and you get a no walk in the park tournament that’ll separate the tough from the tender. This is Virgin Active Grid Games. 4 minutes is all it takes to push, pull, lunge, bend and twist your way to your personal best. Do it to qualify for the Australian semi-finals, or to represent Australia in the global finals in Cape Town, South Africa.

Why is it good for me?

This is a high intensity, strength and cardio workout all in one. Test your technique and stamina in this fast paced circuit that will push you to your max, in a good way.

What will I do?

8 exercises in 4 minutes. 20 seconds on, 10 second rest. The goal is to accumulate as many reps as possible, or calories for rowing. The 8 exercises are based on the primal movements used in The Grid. You’ll get your own Grid Coach who will be tracking your score and correcting your technique to ensure each repetition you do is counted (only Grid Games prescribed techniques will be counted toward your total). Please make sure you warm up before your session time. You can book as many times as you like during the 6 weeks of qualifiers. For more information on the Grid Games, exercises and to keep an eye on the leader board, visit the official site - For full Grid Games T&C's see -

What should I bring?

Your game face! and a towel

Offered at

Moore Park

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