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Cycle Spirit Master Class


60 minutes

Calories Burnt

Up to 600

Skill Level

All levels welcome

Not just cycle, but a class for the mind, body and spirit

Cycle - Spirit from Virgin Active is the cycle experience that revolves around you. With an extended 60 minutes together we’ll sweat, raise our heart rates and enjoy fresh daily beats. With custom designed bikes, fit for dancing on as much as they are for riding, shoes ready on arrival, and - every element of our new cycle program works together to make this class a revolution in training. It’s a total body workout for the mind, body and Spirit.

Why is it good for me?

Rock star trainers will inspire you to keep to the beat and hold your attention with uplifting playlists and pep-talks, you won't even notice you're working out. And with the purposeful moments of freestyle in each class allowing you to escape the real world, it's the cardio and conditioning total body revolution for the mind body and soul.

What will I do?

Cycle - Spirit will change the way you look at the cycle studio forever. Carefully curated playlists, choreographed lighting and motivational coaching will not only change your body, but your mindset

What should I bring?

Comfortable workout gear, a drink bottle and a sweat towel

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