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45-60 minutes

Calories Burnt

Up to 450

Skill Level

All fitness levels welcome

Strengh. Stamina. Fitness. No co-ordination required, get in, work hard!

A cross training class that is ideal for developing all round fitness. Straightforward aerobic and resistance exercises are performed at a series of workstations, creating a fun and challenging workout that is different every time.

Why is it good for me?

At Virgin Active we like to keep it fresh, and though our circuit training we will certainly keep you on your toes! Different exercises at different stations each week will keep your body guessing and your results coming!

What will I do?

Your instructor will take you through various different of stations of work, explaining the exercises and giving options where needed. Then you will set off around the stations for timed intervals of work. A mixture of upper and lower body moves along with bursts of cardio to ensure a complete workout!

What should I bring?

Your Virgin Active Health Club will provide the necessary equipment. All you need is comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a drink bottle and a sweat towel

Offered at

Pitt St
Moore Park

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