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45-60 minutes

Calories Burnt

Up to 350

Skill Level

All levels, especially great for those coming back to exercise or recovering from injury

Jog, kick, jump, squat and dance yourself wet

Aqua is suitable for everyone. It’s particularly beneficial for anyone returning to exercise or recovering from injury. Equipment is used in the pool to increase the intensity of the workout.

Why is it good for me?

The push and pull of the water allows both increased muscle training and a built-in safety barrier for joints. The water also helps to reduce lactic acid buildup. Its also heaps of fun!

What will I do?

Splish splosh splash. You are guaranteed to leave this class with a smile on your face.The water provides resistance to strengthen your muscles and raise your heart rate while minimizing impact on your joints.

What should I bring?

Suitable pool attire, supportive bathers, and a towel for when its all done!

Offered at

Northern Beaches

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