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Align - Hot Hatha Yoga


45-90 mins

Calories Burnt

Up to 350

Skill Level

This practice is suitable for all levels. Because this is a heated practice we recommend expectant mothers to consult their doctor first

Embrace the heat to allow your body to lengethen and soften. Find your centre to quiet the mind

Welcome to the subtle workout. Yoga classes in the Align category are slower-paced but still require concentration and effort. Subtle doesn’t necessarily mean easy. They will gradually stretch and strengthen, and build outer and inner balance. Hatha is a traditional style of Yoga consisting of different postures, breath work, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. In Hatha we practice poses in a more static style rather than linking them together in a flow, bringing focus to alignment, breath and mind control. The aim of Hatha is to help create a link between body and mind and thus strengthening both. Hot Hatha is performed in a heated room

Why is it good for me?

You will perform precision movements and long holds which work the muscles at a deep level to build strength and mindful focus. Flexibility, mobility, coordination, bone and organ health as well as all over body strength are all physical benefits of Hatha Yoga. You will also develop a deeper connection between mind and body, and leave feeling calm and centred. A heated environment increases your pulse rate, metabolism and circulation. Sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through your skin. Heat produces a fluid-like stretch allowing for greater range of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body

What will I do?

Hatha is a slower paced practice, which is great for bringing attention to posture and alignment. You will perform precision movements and long holds as well as postures in all positions, standing, sitting, kneeling and lying. You might use props like blocks and belts to help support your body in some poses

What should I bring?

We have all the equipment you need, including Yoga mats. But feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Make sure you wear comfortable workout clothes and something warm to wear during relaxation. During hot classes we require that you bring a Yoga towel, which we sell at reception. During Hatha Yoga, make sure you grab a block and belt as you set up your mat.

Offered at

Moore Park
Collins St
Pitt St

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