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Yoga is For Everybody

by Douglas Ross on Wednesday 31 July 2019


For an activity that focuses on slow physical movements and quiet meditation, you'd be surprised to learn that yoga is for everybody! 

While you might have believed up until now that only flexible women do yoga, we're about to debunk that belief, along with other myths you might have thought when you think of yoga.

Instead, dogs are doing the doga, cats are being "in the meow", and even goats are enjoying the fruits of a consistent yoga practice. Jokes aside, men and women of all ages have jumped on-board (or should we say on-mat?) as they have realised the benefits of this ancient tradition.  

Did you know that some world number one tennis players swear by it? That yoga teachers are now a common sight in the office? And a growing appreciation for ‘mindfulness’ and its link to yoga has seen the practice becoming a common sight in the classroom?  


In addition to this, men are quickly turning to yoga as a way to not only increase fitness and flexibility, but to also help them deal with the stresses of everyday life. This study noted that the most dominant health-related motivation for practicing yoga was mental health. 

Both men and women continue to flock to one of yoga’s most challenging but popular disciplines. Hot yoga classes are leading the charge in yoga’s popularity due mostly to the mental clarity a solid sweat can induce.


If the idea of stretching in 32 degrees in a Yoga Flow class for an hour doesn’t appeal, there are still so many varieties to choose from, and this is precisely yoga’s appeal.  


There is no wrong answer here. It's important to know that you're already doing yoga right just by showing up. You don't need to be flexible, fit or a goat to practice yoga. At Virgin Active, we can help you choose the right first yoga class for you so that you feel comfortable on the mat.

We’ve also made things simple by grouping our Virgin Active yoga classes into three categories: FlowAlign and Calm.

Are you interested in becoming a member at Virgin Active, and learning more about the yoga classes we have to offer? Book your tour today, and learn more from our friendly staff!

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