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A Not So Merry Calorie Comparison

by Alasdair McClintock on Tuesday 19 December 2017

Christmas is a magical time, full of family, friends and good food. Unfortunately, the havoc it can wreak on your health and fitness goals is not so magical. 

On top of the mandatory Christmas Day feast, the endless snacks and temptations that don’t usually taunt us the rest of the year, like candy canes, mince pies and egg nog, take an extra toll on our seasonal calorie consumption. Usually high in sugar, they can be particularly naughty for such small morsels. 

Just how naughty?

Well, to get a better idea, here is how a few of your favourite Christmas treats line up (approximately) with some other year-round foods. 

•      Christmas Pudding (305 Cal per 100g serve) = French Fries (312 Cal per 100g) 
•      Candy Cane (40 Cal per piece) = 1 Pretzel Rod (37 Cal) 
•      Egg nog (360 Cal per cup) = 2 Deep Fried Chicken Drumsticks (358 Cal) 
•      Gingerbread (356 Cal per 100g) = Blue Cheese (353 Cal per 100g)

•      Fruit cake (324 Cal per 100g) = 1 Home Made Cheeseburger (330 Cal)  
•      Apple sauce, sweetened (68 Cal per 100g) = 1 Skim Milk Cappuccino (68 Cal) 
•      Honey baked ham (213 Cal per 113g serve) = 1 Snickers Bar (215 Cal) 
•      Pavlova w/ fruit & cream (272 Cal per 120g serve) = 1 slice of pepperoni pizza (285 Cal) 

•      Prawn cocktail (324 Cal) = 1 Magnum Ego Ice Cream (341 Cal) 
•      Large glass of Baileys (320 Cal) = 1 Mars Bar (168 Cal) and 1 can of Coke (139 Cal) 
•      Large glass of dry white wine (190 Cal) = 1 Glazed Doughnut (190 Cal)  
•      Pint of beer (330 Cal) = 100g of Salami (336 Cal) 

•      Bottle of Champagne (570 Cal) = 1 Big Mac (563 Cal) 
•      Mince Pie (477 Cal per serve) = 3 Cheese Quesadillas (480 Cal) 

These comparisons aren’t designed to ruin your Christmas, but they might hopefully make you think twice before grabbing that second mince pie. It certainly helps to have a better understanding of what you’re eating if you want to start the new year feeling and looking healthy.

A lot of calories can be easily avoided by just practicing a tiny bit of self-control come the big day. You don’t need to sacrifice too much, but to make the most of this silly season, stay active, eat mindfully, and most importantly, remember to still relax and enjoy yourself!

If you want to make your own comparisons, head to My Fitness Pal and search for your favourites.  

*The comparisons above are approximates only based on research conducted at the time of writing this article. When comparing foods, it is important to check the nutritional information panel provided on the individual product.

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