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How To Find Your Balance During Your Week

by Leisl Klaebe on Thursday 6 December 2018



In an increasingly digital age where we no longer have defined working hours, we parent and work and try to do it all – how do we find and maintain that illusive balance? 


Joining a gym is a fabulous start, but once you are there, just smashing out high intensity training is not going to be the answer. By all means, leap in and do boxing, kimax, circuit, Xtrain and cycle but give yourself permission to enjoy the pleasures of mind body classes which will help you reset, give your mind
space, nourish your body and revitalise your spirit.
Mind body classes work from the inside out, so coming along regularly will improve your stress levels, your sleep quality, your digestion, your flexibility and strength, your immune system….and just so much more.

Allowing yourself to recharge your batteries, will create more resilience in life and more productivity at work.


The sort of classes which bring all these health benefits are; yoga, meditation, bodybalance, pilates reformer, mat pilates, having a swim or a spa or sauna, or even just resting in a sleep pod for a bit. There is nothing like a power nap for that extra boost of energy! 

You could achieve a balanced workout by following up your high intensity circuit class with a Reformer Pilates class, which will lengthen, strengthen and stretch your muscles. It will also align everything in your body in a balanced way.
Too much high intensity training without any lower impact or stretching built into your fitness regime, can result in overuse injuries, muscle tightness and joint wear and tear, amongst other things.
High intensity classes provide wonderful cardiovascular results for your heart, lunges and general fitness. They can also build muscle strength and burn calories/fat – depending on what classes you are doing, but what it doesn’t address is your mental and emotional fitness, your psychological wellness.


Most of our clubs have over 200 classes a week to choose from, so once you have locked in your high energy, boxing, spin and Grid classes – look to balancing your mind and body by booking in some Mind Body classes, Pilates, Aqua or perhaps Kenesis.  Both high energy and mind body classes have enormous benefits for our minds and bodies and allow us to achieve our fitness goals, but be mindful of balancing your workouts. 
Jump onto MyLocker and select ‘all classes’ and have a look at your options. Maybe get the best of both worlds and pair a high intensity class with a mind body class – go ahead, you can thank yourself later for putting yourself first and ticking off that Balance item on your New Year’s resolution list.


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